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While we are not new to the neighborhood, we are new to you. We service your friends and family, now let us service you too! As service providers, we are more than Friendly Local Pros, we come experienced, equipped and highly recommended. We take pride in our craft and offer top tier quality service.

What Can You Expect From Our Service?

We asked 5 clients to describe us in one word, this was their response... 

Prompt. Efficient. Accountable. Courteous. Effective.

We give our clients a PEACE of mind!

How We Help Our Community:

We offer a wide variety of service, including, but not limited to..


Jamie T.

"Chris was a pleasure to work with! Always on time, courteous, and knowledgeable, he helped us with replacing dry wall and some exterior things as well. The job ended up requiring more work than we anticipated once we opened the wall, but Chris helped walk us through each step and put our minds at ease. I even felt comfortable having Chris at our home without us being there; very trustworthy. When the job was finished, my husband said, “Would it be weird if we invite him over for dinner sometime?” Maybe, but we’ll be doing it! I highly recommend Friendly Local Pros."

Sharon M.

"Chris is great to work with. He has worked with me on keeping my home looking great. He returns calls shows up for the job when he says he will, and is very professional. I have a list of things I am going to be having him do. It is very hard to find help that you can depend on, and Chris is that person!"

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